Backend is like the backbone of an application and having a good one is a must have for any application to be successful. Our team of developers ensure that your requirements are clearly understood and translated into a proper architecture, which can be utilized by multiple platforms without a problem. We use php, mySQL, Ingenix and Apache for this purpose.

DB Design

Having a smartly designed database can make or break an application. Our backend team ensures that the database for your application works as intended and is optimised for speed and integrity.

Multi Platform Exposure

Creating Platform Independent APIs which can be used by the applications from any platform. Applications are developed in several platforms, It is important to have the systems that can be used by most of them.

API Design

We make sure that the APIs we create deliver the expected level of security, reliability, and performance.

Architecture Documentation

Giving a higher level understanding of the workings of a system to the team. Architecture documentation is important asset we create so that there is clear communication between several teams and stakeholders.