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We Build Intuitive and Elegant UI/UX Designs that Delight the Users

With a decade of experience, our UI/UX design company in Chennai is competent to deliver customer focus and seamless design services. We follow established design guidelines, standards, and workflows to provide out-of-the-box solutions.


Understand why & define how




Understand why & define how




Let Your Brand Breathe with Visually Stunning Designs

Our projects’ best-in-class blend of art and technology charms you with style and grace of contents, visuals, interactions, and sounds in our solutions. The insights rendered by the imaginative vision, matched with the advanced technology touch, cause an enjoyable user experience in each design solution we give. Besides being one of the top UI/UX companies in Chennai, we adapt to the proven designing process.

UX Problems that we solve

Users do not revisit my
website after buying a product

I want more qualified
sales leads

Users unsubscribe my

I want to drive UX focused change across the organisation.
Don’t know where to start from

My Online store is not yielding
enough profits

I want to audit my

My customers are struggling
everyday, I want to solve the issue

My website looks distorted
on mobile and tablets

I want to redesign my website to
improve my customer’s satisfaction

I want to reduce time to
complete a task

My website’s
maintenance cost is too high

Visitors do not

UI Problems that we solve

We don’t get the traction
we need

My website does not
resonate with my product

I want to rebrand
my website

I want my product to
grab visitor’s attention

Visitors don’t
understand my product

My website/app looks
too clumsy and confusing

I want to change the look & feel
of my website or app


We Have Delivered High-Quality and Robust UI/UX Design Services

Qloak is a location-based dating app for iOS and Android that's all set to revolutionize online dating.

The Digital Gossip is a news aggregator website that focuses on Marketing. The website aggregates the news from over 150 sources. The content is then segregated into topics and types like Podcasts, Articles, Tweets and is presented to the user in an easy to use way.

Reema Anand Label is a luxury clothing brand that specialises in contemporary clothing. We helped the brand bring their business online with an ecommerce website that provides the users an easy way to take informaition about the clothing line and purchase.

Healthians is one of the top few providers of at-home blood sample collection and reporting. We helped build the iOS Applications for Healthians which resulted in a much larger market penetration and subsequent business.

Zimble is a company aiming to help the parents to improve their kid's financial literacy though the means of dedicated debit cards and expense tracking applications. We helped Zimble revamp the end-to-end experience of their Child application.

Pally Plants is a Peer-to-Peer house plant marketplace and community that makes it easy for plant owners to connect and transact with buyers. We provided full-service development and took care of Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment.

Success4 is a SAAS Customer Success Management platform which provides a fully customisable and secure solution for enterprise Customer Success Teams. We helped them build a custom wordpress website to display several features and capabilities.

Teacher App is a one-for-all application that helps teacher manage their classroom and school activities with features like multiple profiles, role switch, chat, and tracking. We helped design, develop, and deploy the application.

Twiva is an influencer marketing platform which helps brands unlock the power of influencer marketing. The platform let's brands and influencers collaborate in a secure environment. We helped design, develop, and deploy the complete platform for Web, iOS, and Android Applications.

  • Design, Frontend, Backend, QA

Dunkit is a sales coaching platform which focuses on coaching front line sales executives. The application works as a enterprise product with editable curriculum for different industries. We took charge of designing, building, and deploying the product.

Apparrant is a leading UI/UX agency in Chennai with years of experience. Our UX and UI design agency believe in meeting the needs of users, businesses, and brands to provide an outstanding user experience. We help businesses in Chennai to transform their business model by leveraging the power of design.

We offer complete UI/UX services in Chennai, including wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and visual designs for web applications & mobile apps. Our highly skilled team of experts at Chennai office delivers exceptional quality products that are functional yet beautiful in every way.

From UX design for startups to UX design for enterprise applications, we can do it all. Besides, our UX digital agency has successfully created many responsive designs for apps, websites & web applications in different sectors, including e-commerce, travel & hospitality, healthcare, and more.

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